Pastor Rick VanWagner Has Given Clermont, FL Outlets For Education And Faith

pastor rick vanwagnerThe community of Clermont, Florida is home to approximately 33,000 residents, according to 2016 U.S. Census estimates. The Lake County town is also known for its tourism-related industry due to the general proximity to Disney World in Orlando, which is less than an hour’s drive away and far more affordable than hotel options nearby. However, Pastor Rick VanWagner knows that Clermont has more to offer than a stop along the way to Disney destinations. That’s because he has been a cornerstone of the community for decades now and his church and school have touched the lives of thousands over the years.


Rick VanWagner’s path toward serving his Florida community began with 1993’s founding Family Christian Center (FCC). This church, which grew from supremely humble beginnings, came to add over time additional sanctuaries and services as attendance swelled by the hundreds. The culmination of such progress was tangible on Sept. 18, 2011 when the first service in the new 1,410-seat sanctuary was held. While this was a milestone for Pastor Rick VanWagner, he and fellow FCC leadership would also be celebrating the continued success of Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL. That’s because this educational institution had been in operation for seven years by the time the new sanctuary was opened. At this point, the Family Christian Center School in Clermont FL had already celebrated opening of an infant room; kindergarten-through-5th Grade classes; 12 new school classrooms and accreditation by the Florida league of Christian Schools. In more recent years, Pastor Rick VanWagner has seen Clermont FL’s Family Christian Center School achieve even more pre-school, secondary and elementary-level classrooms.


“As the founder and senior pastor, getting to watch these kids grow as they are nurtured and taught on this property is the realization of a long-time dream,” Pastor Rick VanWagner said. “I am so grateful to have such a strong leadership team both through the school and church, who fully support its vision and continued success of the school.” It’s clear that Pastor VanWagner has not forgotten about where his roots came from and his service to the Clermont community is easy to find. The SkyZone trampoline park, which is open to the public and frequently hosts community-benefit events, is just one more way that Rick VanWagner has given back. For those looking to learn more about his services, we encourage you to visit this website often and read more about his in-depth accomplishments.

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