Rick VanWagner’s Contributions To Clermont Community Are Resources For All To Enjoy

rick vanwagner

When you’re vested in your community, it shows. The reason being is this: You’ve taken the time to make yourself recognizable through giving back to the town and people you appreciate so much. In return, they know and respect you.  This is exactly what Rick VanWagner has accomplished during his decades of service to Clermont, Florida and surrounding communities.  As an entrepreneur of sorts, Mr. VanWagner has created a non-denominational church that dates back to 1993, a trampoline park that’s open to the community at large and has been honored by Clermont’s chief of police.  For those who wish to learn more about Rick VanWagner and all of the accomplishments he’s logged in the past two-plus decades, we encourage you to continue reading!


It can be argued that the reason why Mr. VanWagner has been so successful is because he stuck with his vision to make Family Christian Center (FCC) something great. From humble beginnings as a bible study, FCC would see non-stop expansion over the coming years. With goals in mind, Rick VanWagner would see the church add new buildings, classrooms, services and even an affiliated school would be part of the successes. Family Christian Center School, with Mr. VanWagner as its guiding light, would grow from merely a preschool into the largest voluntary pre-kindergarten state-funded program in Lake County, Florida and eventually offer classes all the way through grade 12. Concurrently growing alongside the school was FCC, which opened a 1,410-seat sanctuary in 2011.


However, the school and church are but two of Rick VanWagner’s accomplishments that benefit the Clermont community. For example, Mr. VanWagner served as a two-term city councilman and ran unopposed. He also opened the SkyZone trampoline park that gives both Family Christian Center School students and members of the public the opportunity to try out wall-to-wall trampoline-jumping. The site, which has hosted many community-benefit programs, is also available for birthday party rentals, fundraiser events and workout sessions such as freestyle jumping, dodgeball and overnight lock-ins. It’s the little things that grew into big things, like 2003’s first-ever Easter Egg Hunt that drew 10,000 participants in more recent years, that makes Mr. VanWagner such a valuable addition to Clermont and beyond.